Steel Sheet Piles for Cofferdams

Steel Sheet Piles for Cofferdams

Cofferdams are highly useful and commonly implemented in construction situations in which the structure in progress must be built in an area partially or completely covered by a body of water. The name of this type of dam is derived from the word "coffer," which refers to a sealed box. Common uses for a cofferdam include the safe and efficient construction of piers, bridges and other structures that must be built in standing water.

Because cofferdams are typically temporary structures, cost-efficiency is an integral consideration in their construction and project management. For this reason, Pacifica Piling offers economically manufactured sheet pile of precise dimensions and specifications, making the construction of the dam more expedient and far less expensive than is the case with other materials available.

Cofferdam Sheet Piles

Pacifica Piling is an internationally trusted source of the specific types of sheet pile used in cofferdam construction. The advanced cold forming process utilized in the manufacture of Pacifica Piling 's sheet piles ensures a watertight seal that effectively contains soil and debris in a variety of site conditions. Workers are able to perform necessary construction duties in a safe, dry and easily accessible environment throughout the duration of the project at hand.

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